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Tips on Shooting Photos for Stock with the New iPhone 11

Tips on Shooting Photos to Share with
The new iPhone 11

You don't want a fashionable DSLR to take salable pictures.

Your quest for these simple recommendationsAbout taking photos of shares on eleven iPhoneYour .

shooting photos iphone 

There is no denying it: I have the latest iPhone revolution in the filming of the stock. By 2017, the amount of iPhone photos on the Shutterstock had exceeded one million, proving once and for all that transportation could be a viable tool for industrial photographers.

IPhones have democratized photography by allowing individuals to get high-quality shots for a fraction of the value of DSLR, and on the other hand, they have also introduced new aesthetic trends.
The demand for authentic analog representation has only increased, with professional photographers finding inspiration in user-created photos on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

From “slow motion” (slow-motion selfies) to dual and triple lenses, the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 professional Georgia boys have plenty of photographers. Not only can time say that these new phones can affect licensing trends and thus move forward in stock photography, but in the meantime, let's take a quick look at several quick tips for photographing images on eleven iPhone.
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Landscape photographers around the world were excited to find that each of the 11th and 11th professionals had a radical new wide-angle "13 mm" lens.

This lens comes in handy if you work with a group of individuals to shoot for life. Quick tip? Invest in a tight grip if you intend to use this lens too much (no one wants to finger it in high-resolution shots).

However, keep in mind that you will have to force you to choose from a broad and nighttime extremist mode; unfortunately, you can't use all of them. Radically save wide shooting in bright environments.

When talking about lenses, it is important to note that eleven professional organs of eleven people and eleven severely professional physical damage have a third lens (telephoto), but eleven people do not.

Tips on Shooting Photos 

Tap night mode.

Or stock photographers, this feature can be a new game changer. While smartphone cameras struggle to get light weight, Pro's Night Mode 11 and 11 can give you more detail and less noise.

If you use a stand to hold your phone steadily, you'll use it together to request long exposures of up to 30 seconds. The universal shelf can be a smart choice.

You'll see this setting below "Configure" under the Camera menu. If you change it, the camera can capture the field outside the frame and thus you will be able to edit your image and change the overall composition. It's a useful setting for stock photography, especially since you want to offer beneficiaries as multiple options and set the maximum amount as possible.

Pay attention to your edges. It is extremely important to watch your eyes on either side of your frame if you are shooting with any camera phone as a result of restricting your use of the crop, but it is necessary to double it if you are taking advantage of a wide-angle lens lens. There is no thanks to avoid distortion around the edges, however you will be able to set it up by carefully preparing your shots.

Also, consider putting your main theme inside the center of your frame. The two-thirds rule is still fixed in some cases, but if you put a very linked object on either side of your frame, while the exploitation connects the wide, irregular lens, it will simply look shaky.

Hold your videos too. The iPhone 11 shines as soon as it includes 4K video shooting (60 fps), so you can get some stock shots while shooting shots.The phone allows you to adjust effortlessly between the two devices if you use QuickTake mode. Want additional compelling? Selena Gomez's latest video was filmed by eleven professionals.

When possible, you can shoot RAW.Shooting RAW will give you extra freedom throughout the retouching method, and in addition will ensure that your photos are high quality and suitable for the arrow. Third-party apps like Salt ($ 5.99) provide RAW support for phones. Unfortunately, you can not shoot to exploit RAW irregular wide lens.

Use Portrait Mode for a blurred background. As filmmaker Rb Wu explained in his recent review of the iPhone eleven professionals, these phones tend to form everything sharp and focused.

This is basically good news for photographers, unless you're specifically trying to isolate the subject from your background using a shallow depth of field.

One resolution is to use portrait mode. On the latest phones, this setting can target people, pets and even objects while providing you with a nice blurred background.

Enlarge with your feet.

If you choose an iPhone eleven professional versions or eleven professional sculptures, you'll have a strong 4x optical zoom range - but if you keep the company with eleven iPhones, you'll lose the magnifying glass.

This is not a problem in the first place; if you do not have eleven professionals, keep in mind that you should be more proactive.

There is one problem to keep in mind: if you are hurting the irregular wide lens, it is best to stay at a safe distance (square or thus) from your subject so that it remains focused.

Use HDR to show wisdom. The new iPhone creates higher and more intelligent High Dynamic (HDR) images than any previous model, so it's easier than ever to get details in all your shades and lights.

Earn this feature, but nevertheless cautiously.

For stock photography, everything should look natural and realistic, so if the HDR result ends in supercharged colors and artificial-looking fabrics, it would be better to avoid them.

Check each picture one by one to visualize what works; inside the end, your eyes are smarter than any camera, although that camera is great.

Avoid powerful filters and effects.

The region has a lot of innovative writing apps for the iPhone, but once you include them in stock, your best bet is to run them safely. Aim to get technically good pictures of your stock portfolio, and use restraint once it involves writing.

For the first half, you'll want to take photos that might be certified for commercial use just because the market is bigger, but Shutterstock Nicole Glass contributor warns against confining yourself to capturing business content only with your phone.

Here's why: You carry your phone everywhere, so it allows you to take pictures on the go that might not be possible with a conventional DSLR camera. Often, these shots can embrace components that you cannot embrace in business images: outsiders The UN agency has not signed a state of indifference, visual slogans, storefronts, and so on. This does not mean that you should not take the picture; these images may still be acceptable for editorial use only, and this is consistently higher than uploading any images in any field.


  1. Tap night mode.
  2. Toggle "Take pictures out of frame".
  3. Pay attention to your edges.
  4. Remember to get videos too.
  5. Use Portrait Mode for a blurred background.
  6. Enlarge with your feet.
  7. Use HDR wisely.
  8. Avoid powerful filters and effects.
  9. Do not exclude the opening image.

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