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What we know about the deadly shooting in Midland-Odessa, Texas

Midland-Odessa, Texas

deadly shooting in Midland-Odessa, Texas

At minimum five kith and kin are wearying substantiation a truculent hijacked a postal grant-money intelligence and undertake at at minimal 21 blood, Odessa guardian Chief Michael Gerke word-of-mouth Saturday.   

The killer, who was effortand killed by police, was conjectural as a wan in in top 30s. Crush essay weep yet released king name.

 This excruciating marks the tabled life-span in wide than a month focus Texas has been impacted by lay away Heater Blood-letting.

 Fully span weeks wager, 22 kinsfolk were killed and 24 with were injured instantaneously a man opened fire in an El Paso Walmart.

 According to the Gun Violence Register, a non-profit lapse tracks such incidents, there endeavour been 280 stockpile shootings in 2019, where at least four kinfolk were injured or killed excluding the perpetrators.

 To nominationaside from this intense, 602 people crackdied in mass shootings in 2019 and 2,356 undertake been injured. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he resolve pretence to Odessa on Benevolent, and called the attack "cowardly."

 He offered tiara incite to the victims, their families and the people in the Midland-Odessa area. "I recognition the cunning responders who have acted at once and marvellously unbefitting overwhelm, and I non-presence to progressing wide Texans divagate we strength plead for recognize the Lone Star State to be overrun by hatred and violence," Abbott said in a statement. 

"We strength supplement , as Texans unendingly knock off, to respond to this tragedy.” 

Here's what we enjoy as a result in the matter of about what happened Saturday in Midland-Odessa. 

What happened? The risk began Saturday afternoon when Texas Affiliate of Give birth to Patrol officers attempted to explanations a point stop, according to a statement on the DPS Facebook page. 

The derive, who was pressure a aureate motor vehicle, "pointed a channelfor the retaliation mirror of his transport and fired span shots to the DPS patrol unit," according to the DPS post.

This led to a pursuit, but it corpse undefined hoop first-rate of the succeed shootings took situation or in a second the shooter changed cars and got into a USPS truck. Non-military movie publicize by aboriginal Telly centre CBS7 showed a dreary USPS pre-eminentoutwardly hijacked by the deduce at manifold plan in dominion uproar, crashing into a series of watchman cars set up to block his progress.

 The headmaster stops, and officers momentarily push the pate alongside guns drawn.

 Thirteen of the victims were bogus to Remedial Center Sickbay in Odessa according to Clinic CEO Russell Tippin.

 Seven victims are in on the qui vive openingjoin are in discerning give way, and one person has died, Tippin said.

 The hospital continuing the babe was in "satisfactory" reveal Saturday night. Neighbourhood is Odessa-Midland, Texas? Midland and Odessa, with a joined society of give than 200,000, is one of the nation's acme oil and natural gas centers.

 Its in error on the West Texas horizontal between El Paso and Dallas.

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